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Entry #5

NGADM Judging

2012-10-10 04:12:22 by Jiimaan

Last week, I saw the NGADM needed backup judges, so I gave my name to Step,
and I was appointed third backup judge.

I tought I'd probably never judge anything...

"Better to be safe than sorry", like he said.

Well guess what, the day after, they were two judges short for this round, and camoshark, the second backup, couldn't judge since he had contributed to Kor-Rune's piece.

And so I was appointed judge.

Was fun, even if I was judgin people who are way better thant me...

So, for thos who wonder, I post here how I judged the submissions:

I gave the score I deemed appropriate for each given category, and then explained some of the reasons that influenced the score.
**there is no mathematical link between the comments and the score for a given section**

Ideas - /5
Interpretation - /5
Listening: - /5
Mixing -/5

Total: /20 - /10

Good luck to both Kor-Rune and Waterflame for the last round!



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